Chaper 5; Scheming

Jafar, By Mycayla

Words: 441

Jafar leaned over his worktable, cursing quietly at the dimness of the light. He held up his hourglass. Almost time to give the sultan another "session." The old man was becoming strangely resistant to the hypnosis. Jafar grabbed his staff from its place leaning against the wall and swept down the tower stairs. before he made if even halfway down the door crashed open, Jafar paused, it was Abdul, the fight club owner, and I was collection day. Jafar immediately knew why the man was here, quaking in his fez.

"If it's bad news Abdul, I do not want to hear it." Jafar said. Abdul said nothing, shaking harder."Spit it out man, I have an appointment to get to!" Jafar scolded.

Abdul jumped at the raised pitch in Jafar's voice.

"I-I-I-I l-l-lo-lost-"Abdul stuttered.

"You don't have the money." Jafar said for him, bored. "You gambled it all away, and you expect me to show you mercy." Jafar continued going down the stairs until he stood in front of the commoner. Jafar towered over the man.

"Rest assured thatI will be lenient. For now. Now go away! I have a meeting with the sultan!" Jafar swept out of the room, leaving the man behind.

Jafar stepped into the bright sunlight of the castle plaza, shielding his eyes for a moment against the light. Blinking he strode to the palace doors, pushing them open just enough to slip inside. The air was cool and shady in the large marble hall. Jafar strode down it. One day this will be mine! he thought to himself, turning into the throne room. At the end of the long blue carpet stretching down the room was the sultan, seated on his elephantine seat, looking tiny and incompetent.

"You majesty!" Jafar bowed low. "I need to talk to you, please would you walk with me?"

The sultan shook his head. "I can't today Jafar, I just sent the guards to look for my daughter." He said, all paternal nervousness. Jafar smiled to himself for a moment before saying "I'm so sorry your majesty, I will personally send the best guards to look for her!" and bowing again.

the sultan didn't look pleased. "I already sent the best gaurds! Jafar go do something useful while I take care of this!" The sultan hopped off of his seat and began walking across the hall. Jafar watched him go. He walked over to the throne and put a hand on the armrest. One day, I wont have to answer to anyone. I will rule this land. with that thought, Jafar strode out to take care of the pesky fight club owner.

The End

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