Chapter 4: Jewelry

Jasmine by Shally16

Word count: 649

Jasmine's heart was beating quickly as she stood in front of the mirror, wearing a dark brown cloak that covered her from head to toe. Literally. She jumped when she heard a noise behind her.

"Jasmine? What are you doing?" a familiar voice asked.

Jasmine smiled and turned around to face Rajah, her closest freind.

"Oh Rajah! I'm leaving the palace. Tonight." she replied, stepping away from the hug she was giving Rajah. Rajah looked stunned.

"But, why?" she asked uncertainly.

Jasmine sighed. "Becuase I feel....well, trapped. I need to get out, Rajah. I can't explain it, but I feel like I need to leave. Now."

"But, Jasmine! Yo can't just leave the palace! Think how mad your father would be, what Jafar would do!" Rajah cried.

Jasmine scowled at the name. "Neve say that name aloud to me ever again." she snapped, then lowered her voice, putting a hand on Rajah's shoulder. "I'm sorry, Raj, but I have to go. Yo can stay or you can come with me, but you can't make me change my mind."

Seeing the look of determination on Jasmine's face Rajah nodded. "Let me grab a cloak."

Jasmine smiled to herself and watched he freind go. This was going to be a fun night.

As they snuck around the guards and out the gate, Jasmine took Rajah's hand and gave it a squeeze. "Everything will be alright, Raj. I promise"

Rajah didn't look like she believed Jasmine, but she nodded anyways. They strolled through town, browsing the shops like friends do, when they both layer eyes on something: a sapphire blue necklace with matching earrings. The both gasped and ran over, admiring the beauty. Jasmine reached for the necklace and up it on, followed by the earrings. Rajah giggled, admiring her freind's beauty. That's when the man tha worked the stand turned and saw them.

"Hey!" he yelled, startling both girls. They turned to look at him. " You can't just take things without buying them."

Jasmine and Rajah looked at each other, confused.

The man leaned over his table to look at them closer, so close the could mell his nasty breath. " That means, give. Them. Back." he said slowly.

Jasmine shook her head defiantly, keeping it held high. "No."

The man snarled and lashed out at them. The girls screamed, and the man managed to grab Jasmine. Holding her close, he seamed to have just realized how pretty she was. He smiled.

"You know," he said, pulling her closer. Jasmine gave him a death glare. His smile widened. "You can keep the jewelry on one condition. You spend the night at my place. You and your little freind" he said, turning his head to look at Rajah.

Rajah looked terrified, but Jasmine put on a brave face. "Unhand me, you fiend." she declared. He smiled, and leaned in close to her. He kissed her. Jasmine didn't know what to do, so she just stood there. But she couldn't take it much longer, the man never brushed his teeth and had horrible breath. So she simply stepped away. He let her go and smiled at her.

"Come to my house for a little more, baby." he said, and she shook her head.

"I'm not going anywhere with you." she replied, then turned around to Rajah. But the man grabbed her again. This time, she screamed louder, but no one seamed to notice. She kept screaming, but the man had a hand ove her mouth, muffling her cries. She started to cry, when she heard a noise.

The man fell, with her on top of him. She jumped off and stood up, running to stand next to Rajah. The were both crying, giving each other hugs. When they had calmed down a little, Jasmone turned to face her savior.

He looked concerned. "Hey, are you allright?" he asked, stepping closer.

The End

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