Stupid ideas, Cheap Shots and Sly TricksMature

Chapter 2: Stupid Ideas, Cheap Shots and Sly Tricks
Abu, by JSimmons
Word count: 329

"C'mon Al!" Abu called from the place in the arena where he'd managed to sneak. It was a good place to see the fights. Al was probably the best fighter in Agrabah, but it was really risky to do. He headed towards where the fighters waited to fight to talk to his friend.

"Why couldnt we just do the stealin' thing," Abu said as he came within earshot. "Its easy, we're fast on our feet and the guards cant ever catch us in this city, not to mention it puts food in our mouths without you risking getting your neck broken."

"I'm not risking anything." Aladdin replied. "These guys are easy."

"Ya ever think theyre too easy?" Abu argued. "It makes me nervous to see ya out there, all alone, without your best friend helpin' you out."

Al laughed. "What if I told you the prize was enough money to feed us for a month." He said.

Abu hesitated. He loved the idea of having some money, but still, something nagged at his instincts, telling him it was time he and Al got outta there. "There had better be a lot of money for me to let you do this. Besides, you gotta beat the champ, and he's never been beaten before, and he's gotta be eight feet tall, a real giant of a man."

"I can handle it Abu." Al sighed. "Do you trust me?" It was Abu's turn to sigh, he hated it when Al used the "Do you trust me?" card, but as usual, it worked.

"Yeah, of course I do."

"Then let me do this."

"Okay, but if you're beat, you're on your own."

"Right." Al laughed again, then the bell rang for the next fight.

"C'mon Al, win that money for all the orphans in this miserable city." Abu cheered, not really meaning it, but its the thought that counts, right?

The End

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