On a distant planet new space age cutting edge illegal surgery run by an underground mafia is uncovered by the police leading to a string of arrests and ending in a war that will change civilization as we know it.

Mike, if that was his name, had a halo of smoke around his head as he looked out of the 6th floor passageway window's panoramic view of the sprawling city, he inhaled deeply on his cigarette, paused a second and exhaled forming a cloud of smoke then turned to Jeffrey.  "Just a few more of these and I'm out" Mike said, "I'm going back to being legit after this". Jeffrey tried to create the appropriate facial expression that these sort of situations warranted. Jeffrey wished he could figure out just what that facial expression was. The illegal implant business saw a lot of doctors come and go. Often doctors would do it simply through a season because they've accrued massive debts, or wished to buy a new house at the beach or something. Some of them had recently returned from some of the far off distant plants which had only recently been colonized. Doctors were required by the space republic's government to spend a few years on these barren barely inhabited planets after finishing their graduation. Naturally no sane minded person wished to go to planets with barely any civilization to speak of, some of them weren't even completely teraformed and that would require living indoors all of the time. Jeffrey had come from one of these planets just two cycles ago.  A cycle was 312 earth days. About the only patients Jeffrey had seen on such planets were the kind of people who needed a liver replaced due to excessive alcohol consumption even though they didn't really need a replacement just yet. The planet Jeffrey had been sent to could only have been described as a tropical hell. Initially Jeffrey had opted for the planet because most tourist pamphlets associated with it portrayed it as an island getaway where everyone on a sandy beach had a cocktail in hand with a cheerfully colored umbrella to shade it. Jeffrey had never seen earth although it was on his list of places to spend a vacation at least once before his eventual end. However a little closer to home was the trouble with his excessive gambling debts which he was currently trying to pay off. As fate would have it he was indirectly paying back the money to his current boss although Jeffrey had no idea in the world about this additional connection to his paymaster. Jeffrey's initial plan was to earn enough money to get himself started with his own practice, a legal practice. Unfortunately his addiction to the electric surge of possible profits from various card games had left him in a perpetual state of near bankruptcy, it was rather odd considering all he really had to do was stop going to the dens of inequity that serviced young gentlemen as himself. Mike stubbed out his cigarette into the ashtray he'd been holding indignantly. Intuitively Jeffrey stepped alongside Mike as they walked down the passageway gliding along the large windows allowing the day light on the city to pour in, with the lev lines and their long trains zipping along in the distance between stations. They turned a corner briskly and Mike's hand reached out to pass an access card over a pad. The door beeped and slid open.

The End

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