Boy after boy after boy.Mature

The room glowed a dull amber as the sunlight trickled through the unfamiliar blinds. It was just a dream, Robert isn’t here, I’m safe. I look around, taking in where I am, before I feel a small pressure on my side. I glance down at the hand slumped carelessly over me, before looking up at the unfamiliar face of a man, asleep on a pillow that probably used to be white. He was older than me, probably just turned twenty. Attractive. His cherub cheeks still rosy from last night. Last night that was only just coming back to me. Along with the pain that the light had brought to my hungover head.  I remember him being gentle, more affectionate than the others. Almost loving, I laugh silently to myself. I roll out from under his arm and brush off the coarse sheets trying to protect my sober modesty, stepping onto a dirty carpet and slipping on yesterdays dress and panties, not bothering to search for my bra. I walk to the entrance of his student flat, not caring if I woke him with the slam of the door. I have worse things to worry about.
The End

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