April Whitton used to have control over her life. That is until the impossible became possible and her nightmares came to haunt her, literally.
Characters thus far-
April Whitton, 19 y/o
Robert Diabolus, 20 y/o
Joshua Beattie, 20 y/o
Collab work if you want to contribute, take the characters as you want to :) Introduce more!

Joshua is right here, he’s looking at me. Me. My Joshua is here at last. He strides towards me and picks me up by the middle, lifting me up above everything else, above the rest of the world. I turn down to look at him as he lowers me down to him, I haven’t seen him since… since… then. I’ve missed him so much. “I’m so sorry for..” He silences my mouth with a finger and gently kisses my forehead, opening his mouth to say something in return. I smile, encouraging him to speak. It’s been so long since I’ve heard his voice.. “You’re pathetic” Shock attacked me as Robert’s voice escaped from Joshua’s lovely lips.  “April” he leered, “Look at you…” brushing the back of his hand across my cheek. I bat it away, searching his face for answers. As I scrutinize his beautiful face, the light from the sun ricochets off his features and morphs them into that of another. Robert. He sneers at the look of horror that takes over me. Dizzy at the sight and touch of him, I scream, pushing against his chest, unable to break his grip around my waist. Laughing at my futile struggle, he pulls me closer still, within inches of that charming smile that I hate with such passion. I can feel myself breaking, I know what he does to me. I try to touch the floor but he holds me easily off the ground with just one hand. I know what his powers can do. I press my small fingers savagely against the base of his neck, digging into his larynx hard before he can take control of my thoughts. I can’t let him have control, not after what he made me do to Joshua. He brushes away my hands easily; and not for lack of strength on my part. My resolve weakens, and though I bring my hands up to try to stop his air flow, once they’re there my touch softens. I wrap my suspended legs around his waist, pulling myself into his intoxicating scent, and he knows in that instant that he has me trapped again. “Look at you, you’re nothing without me!”  Robert sneered.  “Thought I was dear Joshua before didn’t you? Aw, poor defenceless little April! Can’t live without dear Joshua, can’t survive without big strong Joshieeee to love you! Well tough shit darling! He’s not here anymore, I am. And I know you find me irresistible” he laughs with a coy wink. “I'm coming for you sweetheart" he whispered. And with that, he dropped me to the floor, and I woke up to another day.
The End

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