"What of it?" Shyran burst in anger, "you have a curfew and rules to obey while you are underage and living under my roof."

Ian shrugged and settled on the table just across Kirana and me, I scowled silently at him for challenging Shyran's curfews and scoldings. It was always the same with Ian, picking up street fights whenever he wished. I felt guilty though, because I heard him jump out of his window last night and had not utter a word for fear of betraying my "sibling bonding" to them.

Shyran shook his head, "I did not brought you up for that kind of life," he sighed and cracked an egg, the white and yolk spreading on the sizzling pan. "Well, for what's worth, did you won?"

Silence prevailed for some minutes before Ian answered, "I guess I did..."

Kirana and I turned our heads in his direction. It was uncommon of Ian to not boast of his victories, normally he would go into details (unnecessary and sadistic details) about his fights. We exchanged glances.

"That's it?" I asked with surprise.

Ian shot me a deadly glance, requesting me to keep silent. "I am tired," he mumbled.

"With good reasons," Shyran shook his head while placing a plate before Ian, "eat something." Shyran was also acting strange, he would scold the guys all morning if he could because it was a Saturday, but his expression and thoughts seem distant.

"So, what's this academy you mentioned?" Kirana asked, releasing the tension between us. Just then, Daren stepped into the kitchen, bringing with him a strong toothpaste odour.

"Did you smeared the toothpaste on your face?" I snickered, Kirana giggled beside me.

"Since when were you so funny?" Daren asked sarcastically. "Are my eggs done?"

Shyran nodded toward Ian, who had was chewing something in his mouth. "Tell him to stay off the streets and I can consider your request."

"Anyways," Daren rolled his eyes at the failed attempt of Shyran to be funny. "Academy, huh?"

Shyran shuffled on his feet, playing the funny parent was not his thing. He was more of the stern parent, that suit him best.

"What Academy?" Ian asked. "Are you sending us away?" There was a gleam on his eyes, I couldn't determine if it was for happiness or sadness.

"This friend of mine owns an academy, he said he would like to take you in and teach you all he knows. I agreed," there was a bitterness in Shyran's voice. "His name is Leargon and he will come and claim you in one week."

"What kind of academy?" I asked, my voice was mingled with excitement and uncertainty.

"A very unusual academy, but it will benefit you. Leargon is connected to your parents..." his voice drifted off to painful memories.

Our parents.  For all we know, our parents died in an accident, never specified, and we were left to Shyran to care for us. Anticipation rose to my heart at the notion of learning about my obscure past.

"That is all I can say for now," Shyran turned his back on us and busied himself with the cooking.

"I had a strange sensation this morning," I said,  breaking the monotonous silence, "I felt something cruised my arm this morning, in an azure glow..."

Shyran turned around sharply, his eyes studying the veracity of my statement.

"I happened to me too," Kirana said. Ian had an incredulous expression on his face and Daren was silently listening.

"That has something to do with this academy..." that was the last thing Shyran would say on the subject. "Next week, all of you are going to get the answers..."

The End

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