Playing tough



"Alright the coward finally showed up!" Ricky says as I jump over a fence with little problem, I had a little trouble slipping out of Shyran's house to settle things with this prick.

"I would keep your fat mouth shut Ricky! I swear I could knock you out, one punch." I reply calmly. I had enough of being called down, just because I act tough they think that I'm not actually tough.

"We'll see about that. I can see your face is already going pale." Ricky retorts.

"Lets just get this over, before you pussy out." I say now surrounded in a circle of teens at about midnight. If Shyran knew I was here he would probably get pretty pissed. I didn't care to much though; at some point I'm going to have to make my own decisions.  

I raise my fists, and so does Ricky, and the fight begins.  He doesn't make the first move he just motions me to come forward so he would take the first blow, as well as saying " Come on ya coward."  I just smile. I take two step forwards, fake a right hook and left jab him in the gut. He involuntarily bows forwards as I knee him in the face. He falls onto his back.

"Come on, my sisters are scarier than you." I say knowing they're weren't really my sisters, but at the same time I had lived with them all my life, and at this point they were practically my sisters. He gets up blood on his chin he wipe it off and lunges at me. I hit the ground the wind escaping my lungs. He begins wailing away at my face, each punch faded out the world. I bring my hands up to defend myself, then the strangest thing happens. A sensation rippled up my arm, and without warning a bright orange glow went off, and Ricky was sent flying onto his back screaming, and convulsing at the same time.

The other teens began screaming, and curse at me, calling me a monster. The crowd pushes me away from Ricky,then promptly forgetts me.  I looked at my hands wondering what had I done? What am I? Without thinking straight I run into the darkness fear in my eyes.

Morning comes around and I was making my way back to the house with one swollen eye shut the other black. There was no way I could hide this from Shyran so I decided, why not come through the kitchen window since it was open and much closer than the front door.

"Ian!" Shyran's voice says full of anger as I fly over his and land behind him," What the hell are you doing going through the kitchen window? And..... WHERE YOU OUT ALL NIGHT AGAIN!?" he yells. I turn around smiling through my beaten up face.

"Yup. What of it?"


The End

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