My dark room had little light from the moon coming through the open window, a chilly breeze a welcome change from the hot day. My clothes lay disorganized on the floor, much to my mothers distaste. I shifted in my bed, trying to sleep. A quiet thump hit my window. I rolled out of bed, looking at what the noise is. A man stood in the window, clad with darkness. I asked "Wh-"

The man swung through the window and swung a knife. I tripped backwards, falling on my loose clothing, accidentally dogging the knife. His other hand grabbed my throat as I fell. I tried to yell, a wheeze coming out, my hands grabbing the one choking me. The man mumbled something incomprehensible. He stared at me for what felt like a hour. A drop of blood fell from his knife as he slowly raised it, looking at it with regret. He slowly put his knife into a sheaf.


7 years later...


I rolled in my bed as the sun shone through my window, a massive headache moving across my forehead. My eyes slowly opened to the blinding sun. My alarm clock screamed in my ear. I rolled over and slapped it, loving the newfound silence. I slowly rolled out of bed and got up, ignoring the headache that came every morning. My left hand shook as I put my clothes on and opened my door. My feet lazily guided me down the hallway and to the left, down a staircase. I tripped and fell down the carpeted staircase, hitting a series of agonizing bumps. I slammed into the bottom of the stairs, groaning. I layed there for a minute, tempted by the notion to just continue sleeping. A familiar voice asked "Have you tried walking down?"

I closed my eyes and slowly mumbled "At least I don't fall for everyone." Wait, that's Emma.

Emma laughed "Are you sure you aren't getting me mixed up with you?"

My eyes snapped open, laughing  "Sorry Emma, thought you were someone else for a sec."

Emma turned around smiling, bumped into Shyran and walked into the kitchen. Shyran questioned "Are you alright?"

I quickly mumbled "Yeah, never been better."

Shyran squinted and crossed his arms, asking "Have you been drinking?"

I answered "Ooohhhh yeah, human blood, lots of it... I think that's why I have bruised arms anyways."

Shyran frowned and stated "If you want to ruin yourself, then go ahead."

Shryan began walking into the kitchen. Annoyed, I yelled after him "Could I have some eggs to help the hangover?"

Shyran replied "We don't have any and I wouldn't give you any today anyways! By the way, your hair is covered in vomit!" 

I groaned and stiffly stood up, running a hand through my black hair. Sure enough, it felt sticky. Depressed, I yelled "Alright, I'll take a shower!" 

Shyran yelled back "Alright... when you get down, I need to talk to you about an academy!"

I started walking up the stairs, thinking "An average of 43% equals academy? That doesn't make sense, hangover maybe?"






The End

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