A Father to us All


The morning rays woke me up from my good night sleep. I sat up on my bed and yawn to sleep away. As I stretch my hand upwards I feel a chill navigate through my arm, almost in an electrifying manner. I experienced this chills almost in a daily basis ever since turning sixteen. I brush this awkward moment away and stand up, walking to the mirror to watch my morning complexion.

As I stood before the mirror I see a part of my short, blonde hair spiking up. I quickly smoothed it down with my hand, blushing at the sight of it. How the heck did it got so upright? Once it is down I changed my nightgown and rush downstairs to meet our guardian.

The house was a two story building, built around the 1800's and still maintains the architectural feature of that time period. It had minor flaws, but nothing some patchwork couldn't fix. What I like most of this house were the vast quantity of windows, it was always a great delight of mine to look out of the window and watch the endless sky. Sunrises and sunsets were my favourite, it was always nice to watch the sky get in contact with the Earth, it was almost as if they were touching.

I walked down the carpeted stairs, the first floor was deserted as usual, I was the only morning riser in this house. Seven years we've been living in this house, me and my "siblings". We are not blood related, but many of us have the same age and all of us were abandoned by our parents for whatever reasons they had. Shyran became our foster father and guardian.

I didn't remember much of my childhood, for which I was grateful. I walked inside the kitchen and saw Shyran standing before the open refrigerator.

"Good morning Shyran," I greeted.

He was startled by my high pitched voice for he turned around quickly, "oh, its you Emma, you scared me."

"What's for breakfast?" I asked eager to have something to eat.

"I think we'll have..." he started saying but stopped when his eyes caught something in me. He close the refrigerator door and walked to me, his eyes gazing intently at my right arm.

"What is it?" I inquired with sudden concern, I look down upon my arm and I saw a snaking mark on it. I gasped and almost fell down from the stool I was sitting on. The mark was encircling my arm, a faint golden glow.

"What happened there?" Shyran asks, his fingertips touching the mark.

"I don't know, I felt something funny this morning."

His eyes darted to my eyes, there was a slight glint of understanding behind them. When he turned to look at my arm again the mark with the glow were gone.

"This is very strange," he whispered, "but don't worry about it. Must be nothing." He walked around the counter toward a cupboard to retrieve a bowl, "by the way... this evening I have something really important to share with all of you."

"What's it about?"

"An academy, but I will give you the details tonight."

I nodded, just then I heard a sound above me, interrupting my thoughts. My "siblings" were just waking up.

The End

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