Apprentices of the Assassin

Laergon Pargos was the orchestrator for the massive extermination of the Sorenes people. Shyran, a former assassin who took part of the extermination, seeks redemption and decides to take care of the children survivors of the Sorenes. Years later, Laergon finds out and takes the children and trained them to be assassins. A tale of secrets and deceptions.

The rain poured from the sky, mercilessly against everything living and nonliving, washing away the sins and cleansing the Earth from vile poison.

A man sat on his dark, burgundy colour armchair, leaning against its plush support. His eyes were looking outside the window, watching the raindrops knock against the window. He had graying strands of white hair, his weary dark, bloodshot eyes were fighting against his heavy, falling eyelids. The moon was hardly visible behind thick sheets of clouds and heavy rains gushed by the winds, creating a thick curtain. He cannot sleep, he had a visitor tonight.

He closed his eyes, a chill was sent through his spine, his heart skipped a beat, and his blood went cold. With an incredibly fast speed for a man his age, he leaped to his feet and turned to face his companion. He scanned the room, but there was no sign of another human life, he was alone. All he could see was the antique furniture of the study room and the irregular shadows cast by them. The wood was crackling slowly in the fireplace to his right, dimly lighting the room with the fire's reddish glow.

"You have lost agility, Shyran," the sound of death whispered behind him. He turned and before he caught full view of his visitor, a hand gripped his shoulder and smashed him against the window.

The window was cold and damp against his skin, he turned to look at the visitor, his gray eyes equally cold, and impassive. 

"Leargon..." Shyran greeted in a controlled voice, anger instilling his heart.

Leargon chucked, "It's been long." He smirked, his grip on Shyran's shoulder was tighter. Leargon had the eyes of a nocturnal animal, fierce, dangerous, and yellowish-gray in colour. His face was impassive and grim, his lips a thin line on his face. He was wearing a dark trench coat, heavily soaked in rain. He had many scars on his face, some new and some healed completely, scars from fierce battles.

"What brings you here?" Shyran asked, despite the fact he knew the answer already. He was a traitor and now death met him by the hands of his former master, comrade, and friend.

"I want to slice your throat open and pull your heart out," he said, maniacally picturing the torture and creating the agony screams in his mind. "For the deserter you are and the traitor you will always be... for pitying those children and hide them from me all these years."

"We murdered their parents Leargon," Shyran whispered, he had a composed face. He accepted death, nothing could prevent it, what he regretted the most was leaving the children unprotected.

"We are assassins, that's our nature," Leargon dawdled. "The Sorenes poised a threat to us and our goals, we had to exterminate them."

"That was what I thought before killing them, but that changed after I was bathed in their blood," there was shame in Shyran's voice. All these years he seek redemption for his sins, his constant aggravation will end tonight. "Take my life Leargon."

"I don't want your life," Laergon said. These words weighed relief, and at the same time disbelief in Shyran's heart. Laergon enjoyed his doubtful look. "I don't need your life, what I want is the Sorene's children..."

"Never!" exclaimed Shyran. "I'd rather you take my life than theirs..."

"Wrong again," he taunted, his fingernails dug deep into Shyran's flesh, he was losing patience. "You shouldn't talk so rashly, I don't want to kill them, I want to train them to be assassins..."

Shyran's incredulous eyes met with Leargon's solemn stare, there was truth in his eyes. However, Shyran knew Leargon to be deceitful and treacherous. "Why would you want to do that?" His own voice had a pang of curiosity.

"To right my wrongs?" Leargon suggested with a mocking smile. "Just like you are doing, but I'm doing it in a different manner. You taught them nothing about defending themselves, I will."

"They will hate you..."

"Whoever said I was going to tell them about their past?" Leargon mocked, "you didn't, why should I. All they need to know is that they will attend an academy for special teenagers. I will exploit their hidden powers..."

"What if they refuse?"

"Why would they refuse if their precious foster father will tell them great things about it?" Leargon anticipated another question, "if you refuse I will kill all of them and they won't even be able to fight back."

Shyran knew this was true, at least if they trained under Leargon supervision they might learn the truth and fight back in a future and finally break free from the past that holds to them. That was the only choice.

"One week from now I will take them away," Leargon's voice were lost in the cacophony of the howling wind outside. He was gone.

Shyran dropped his tired body on the armchair, the softness was gone, now it felt like stone to him. He rubbed his temples with his fingertips, this was a dead end. He would have to hand over the children of the Sorenes. He sighed heavily, wishing time would slow down and that next week was only a blur in the distance.

The End

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