The Store Is An Illusion

The world was black. After five minutes of nothingness, Jay finally convinced himself that if he could discern the color black, he must have eyes, and therefore must have the means of opening them. Straining the area he knew his eyes to be in, he found that they opened quite easily, and that he had surroundings. Upon observing those surroundings, he deduced that from the hard, gray stone floor, and the boxes piled in corners, he was in Carl’s grocery store!!!

            Looking down at his feet to make sure he still had them (despite the fact the he was standing, which should be proof enough that they were there) he saw a folded piece of what appeared to be paper. Bending over (I wonder if he was trying to make sure he still had a back) he picked it up, and unfolded it. There was a symbol on it with numbers that Jay just barely recognized:

Найти дракона

            The door swung open, and in walked Carl, looking worried and mumbling to himself in a strange language. He kept repeating the words over and over. It sounded like “knight of the drummer.”

            Upon looking up and seeing Jay, he jumped on fright.

            “Jay, goodness, what a surprise!!! I’ve been waiting for you, my dear boy!!! Elliot sent us a mission!!!”

            And Carl pulled out a glowing, short, round, knobby… thing.

The End

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