Danger!! This Chapter Contains Bunnies!!!

After several failed attempts, Jay managed to get quite as good at the ball of… stuff… as Elliot was. Two weeks into it, Jay was able to form the ball and immediately change it, so instead of a bunch of bunnies popping out of a ball once it hit its target, Jay was able to make one big bunny hit Elliot without having to form the ball first.

            After another week, Jay began learning how to use such spells to defend himself having the ball turn into fire, ice, and even a banjo (albeit a cheap one). But he had no idea how soon he would have to use it (the magic, not the banjo).

            The very night Jay had figured out how to turn a screen projector into a microwave oven with a simple set of magic words in Latin, he heard a noise outside of the abandoned warehouse.

            He heard voices.

            “This way, boys,” said the voices. “He can’t be far from here.”

            Jay looked at Elliot, who looked at Jay, who turned his head to look at the door, then returned his gaze to Elliot, who looked distraught, and looked at the wand in his hand before murmuring a few words.

            A bright light shot out of it towards Jay.

            The world faded into nothingness.

The End

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