This Chapter Heading is Undercover (Shh...)

Having successfully restored his stamina, Jay really set to work. Elliot’s library was filled with the most interesting information. Spells to reverse gravity, spells to change your surroundings, spells to cause hallucinations… so many spells. However, what really got Jay excited was the combat training that Elliot gave him.

            “There are certain things about this world that most people remain painfully ignorant about,” Elliot said during one lesson. “Sorcery is the ability to change the nature of something that would normally remain unchanged. The energy that lies dormant inside of you can be subject to such change. So, if you persuade it well enough, you can turn this potential energy into a ball of kinetic energy. Like so.”

            He whipped his stick thingy around and created a bright green ball of energy.

            “This will pretty much do whatever you want done to your target, so don’t move. I promise I won’t hurt you.”

            With this, he flung the ball towards Jay, where it burst into a group of fluffy bunnies at Jay’s feet.

            “Now you try.”

            He concentrated on the energy he was not using (which is a whole lot harder than you might think) and formed a ball at the end of his wand. He slung it towards Elliot, and it exploded into water, getting Elliot very wet (which he did not appreciate).

            “Well done,” he said. “You may not be nearly as much of a failure as I had once envisioned.”

The End

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