With a strange vibration that sent a chill through the air (which isn’t saying much since the room had a draft) the wand seemed to surge power, feeding it into Jay. A circle formed around him on the ground and on the ceiling, creating a cylindrical container around him. The container (although I’m not sure we can call it that seeing as there are no real walls) filled with a bright blue light.

“Jay, SHUT IT DOWN!” screamed Elliot.

Jay dropped the wand.

The cylinder disappeared.

“What did I do?” asked Jay, who had conveniently blacked out during the preceding events.

“You almost opened up a portal,” Elliot said calmly. “Honestly, I’m not surprised. All things considered, opening portals is relatively easy.”

Jay stared at Elliot.

Elliot threw Jay a couple of sticks of beef jerky.

The End

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