The thing he handed Jay was short. It was short and knobby. It was short, knobby, and round. It was glowing. It was a glowing, short, knobby, round… thing.

            “This is your weapon,” said Elliot. “Use it wisely.” Some weapon…

            After eating two sticks of beef jerky, Elliot began humming strangely to himself. The song sounded familiar, almost magical.

            It sounded like Billy Joel.

            “Now,” he stopped abruptly, “Let’s see what you can do.”

            On the floor of this warehouse were drawn two circles of identical diameter. Elliot strode into one, and beckoned for Jay to do the same.

            “The thing I gave you is your wand,” Elliot said. “It is your most powerful weapon, your greatest ally, and, potentially, your worst enemy. Use it wisely.”

            Jay stared at the thing. How powerful could it possibly. As if to answer his mental question, the wand began to vibrate and hum a strange melody. The melody was sounded beautifully magical.

            It sounded like Billy Joel.

            This particular melody seemed to open something up inside of Jay, and he had subconsciously raised his wand and begun to summon swirls of colors before Elliot’s voice suddenly penetrated the depths of Jay’s mind.

            “Settle down now, I never said to begin.”

            This sentence served to bring Jay back to the moment.

            “Now, apparently you and your wand already have a strong bond. Only the strongest of bonds could have resulted in a spell that huge for your first time. Well done.”

Jay felt reasonably proud.

“Now, young one,” Elliot continued, “listen intently to the voice of your weapon. Hear it calling out to you. Feel it as it tells you its name. Listen.”

Jay listened and listened, but all it could hear was the melody of the song his weapon would constantly hum. But wait… what is that… could it be his weapon trying to speak?

“shhhhhhh……………. Pierce……..”

“Pierce,” came a shot from nowhere.

“Is its name Pierce? “ Jay questioned Elliot.

“I don’t know. Why don’t you ask Pierce,” Elliot replied. “You’re consciousness is connected to him. Ask with thoughts.”

Hello, thought Jay. Is you’re name Pierce, or was that just my imagination or something?

There was no response.

“Aww,” said Elliot. “He’s shy.”

Jay looked at the stick as if it were an inanimate object (I sure do enjoy satirical humor).

“Don’t be so critical,” said Elliot after watching Jay look stupid for a few seconds. “Believe that it’s alive, and it will be.”

Hello, Pierce, Jay thought, I am Jay. If you are really alive, please show me.

The stick glowed a bright blue.

The End

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