The oath




                At the checkout of Carl’s Grocery Market, Carl was checking out Groceries! What a surprise!

The real surprise, however, was with Elliot. He walked to the counter with both arms crossed in front of his chest, and a pile of beef jerky.

                Back at the warehouse that he had left in the first place, Jay got hungry. He ate the beef jerky!

                He was on his third stick when Elliot began to talk.

                “I’d watch out if I were you,” he said. “Beef jerky is a very ancient and powerful food. The sorcerers of old ate dried meat as well, but only to boost their magic. If you eat too much, you’ll implode magically, and explode physically.”

                Jay dropped the jerky.

                “Alright, Jay,” said Elliot. “It’s time to take an oath of loyalty. Prepare your heart, mind, body, and soul for this.”

                “I’m ready,” Jay replied.

                “Would you die for me?” began Elliot, “no. Would you have to? Yes. If I fall, would you succeed me? You would because you must. Are you agreeable?”

                Jay thought for a minute. This man had just saved his life. Jay yearned for the power. All his life he had suspected he was meant for more than the usual.

                “I agree.”

The End

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