The story of Orville

CHPT 5- STOP!!!!!

            Jay started.

            The man was rather juvenile looking with bright pink and red hair, and an eye piercing.

He held something in his hand. It looked like a tiny stick, only about five inches long, fat at one end, slender at the other. The man pointed the stick at jay, and let out a bright red light.

            The light hit the box beside him (entitled: Fishy Stuff) and it exploded. Jay ran to hide behind another pile of boxes.

            The punk let out another light, and the boxes exploded. Little did he know, jay was no longer there. The man (let’s call him Orville) looked baffled.

            A green light hit Orville, and he flew backward into another pile of boxes. There stood Elliot from before!

            As he bent over Orville, he spoke, “It’s a shame. At one point Chris was a good man.”

            Thanks, Elliot. Now we can’t call him Orville anymore. Spoiled our fun! You’ve made me so mad that I’ve forgotten to use parentheses.

            “Let’s go, Jay. Now will you follow me?”


The End

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