CHPT 4- Make The Choice

            It was eerily silent. There was no one to be seen. The store was empty. Jay looked left, right, left, right, left, right… Out of nowhere came flying


            He turned to leave, thinking he might have to leave, when he ran right into Carl.

            “Jay, hello! Looking to buy food? Of course you are! That’s all you ever buy!”

            “Hey, Carl…” replied Jay.

            “Jay, my friend. I’ve got a little job for you,” began Carl. “I’ve got a pile of boxes that need unpacking. You’re always up for a job, so… you in?”

            Sure… depending upon payment…

            “I’ll pay you…”


            “Okay,” said Jay. We’re so good at predicting him!

             How much?

            “How much money we talking, Carl?”

            “Forty dollars?”



            So he walked into the back. He knows this area well. He had just started to open boxes, when out of the corner came a voice.

            “You ready to die, punk,” said the… punk… in the corner.

The End

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