The Way

CHPT 3-The Way

            He awoke to a dark room, and a few sticks of beef jerky to his left.

            “I wouldn’t get up to quickly if I were you,” said the hooded stranger’s voice. “you took a nasty fall.”

            “Where am i?” said Jay as he looked at the everlasting darkness gleaming on the walls.

            “Somewhere or nowhere. Nevertheless, you are in existence, and therefore must be somewhere. Unless, of course, nowhere suits you better?”

            “I don’t know who you are, but you better hope I won’t hurt you. Talk now. You said I might die. Why?”

            “Calm down and hold your tongue if you want to live.”

            He sat at the single table in the center of the small lighted room.

            “You can do things, Jay; things you never knew you could do. I can unlock your potential. I can help…”

            “Goodbye,” Jay said, as he walked out of the door.

            “A warehouse? That means I’m in the storage district.”

            He walked to the next street, and used his own brand of magic to summon a taxi from the depths of Down The Street.

            “Take me to Carl’s, said Jay.

            The cabby nodded in agreement, and flew down the road (five miles over the speed limit, I might add) until the grocery store owned by Carl was just to their right.

            “Thanks, cabby,” said Jay, as he tipped the driver.

            “Twenty dollars feeds me this week, I guess.”

The End

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