close encounter

CHPT 2- Close Encounter


Enter Jay.

            As a boy, Jay always wanted to be a pirate, and now he was Captain Carter.

            He headed backstage with the rest, but didn’t stay to linger. He didn’t want to take the judging today.

Yet even as he heads towards the bathroom to change, someone says, “Go change, Cap’n Crunch,” to a chorus of idiots who think they’re funny. Jay doesn’t pay attention. He doesn’t need to.

            In the bathroom/locker room/shower area, Jay changes and checks his appearance. His brown, floppy hair lay obediently upon his head, and hangs down over his blue eyes. His gray hoodie guarded his red Kool-Aid Man shirt. To everyone’s astonishment, his black denim jeans were actually up to his waist. He’s always hated sagging pants.

            Jay lost job last week, his girlfriend the day after, and his car yesterday. His parents cut him off saying that he was too expensive. Yes, Jay was living the dream, if the dream means getting on a bus to a tenement in the most ghetto block in the state.

            As he leaves, he notices someone walking behind him. He kindly ignores the man, not suspecting anything. At least not yet.

            Jay and the stranger somehow ended up on the same bus, got off at the same stop, and began to walk in the same direction.

            Suddenly, Jay twirls around and marches right up to the stranger.

            “Why are you following me?” he demanded.

            “I need you to come with me, Jay,” replied the stranger.

            “Why should I?”

            “Because you will inevitably die if you don’t.”

            “What if I refuse?”

            The man stared at Jay with a look of amusement.

            “Look, buddy,” said the stranger. “We can do this the easy way or the har...”

Before the man could finish, Jay bolted down the alley to his left, a sharp right turn, and out onto the street where he ran straight into… Carl, the grocery store dude.

            The wind whipped as an orange light illuminated the road (though no one noticed) and knocked Jay unconscious.

            “Guess you chose the hard way.”

The End

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