Apprentice to a Ghost Tracker

Jim can see and hear the dead. In order to hone his talents and use them for good, he needs a master.
The Order of Daisy - an organisation specializing in the tracking and hunting of ridden spirits - seems the perfect place to look.
But how will Jim's position stand when one member learns of the unforgivable feat in his past?

I can't deny I was nervous as I waited by the lake. After all, I knew this meeting was going to change my life forever, and if it didn't go well I didn't know what I'd do.

My bags were packed and sat by my feet, no doubt collecting early-morning condensation from the grass. I barely cared.

I was thinking of Becca, of how she'd held back the tears as she said goodbye. Of how she never really saw me as a son. Of how I'd never really seen her and Vinnie as my parents.

I started to think about Sam, but quickly pushed that away.

"James Lennox?"

The peace of the still morning air was broken by a man's voice. I fumbled to my feet and turned.

He was tall, and widely built, perhaps in his mid-to-late forties. A strip of grey hair circled his head, and piercing green eyes were staring me down.

"Yes," I said.

"Patrick Sutherland. Are you here alone?"

"Yes. My moth- my mother dropped me off. The email told me to be alone when you arrived."

"Diane," muttered Patrick. "Well, I'm parked just up the pathway. Let's walk and talk."

I scooped up my bags and made my way after him as he started to stroll.

"So, James. When did you realize you could see ghosts?"

The End

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