Apprentice chapter one

a young adult finds he can do things he never imagined he could, and also learns that people want to destroy him for some reason...


CHPT 1- The Curtain Falls


                    You are a pirate on a Mediterranean island. You walk into the market place calmly, not raising even the slightest suspicion or alarm. You find your prize almost immediately, a gold necklace with a small, silver skull, a small, bronze flower, and a gold coin.

               Without warning, you swipe it and run. The alarm sounds instantly. There are approximately 20 guards chasing you. You turn into a barn, forgetting this is not the same island you pillaged a week ago. No door on the other end! This would’ve been so much easier had you scouted the island before this task like Captain Lesley had told you to!

               5 minutes later, all the guards have been dispatched to Hades. Twenty minutes later, you have killed three more guards, kissed two women and turned left onto the dock. You climb onto the deck, and hand the necklace to Captain Lesley.

               “Thanks for the good work, Carter,” says the illustrious Captain Lesley.

               Suddenly, thirty guards climb aboard the ship. Your crew of thirty draw their swords and turn on you. Traitors!

               You and Captain Lesley are back to back. Enemies surround you.

               Captain Lesley says to you, “Thanks fer not stabbin’ me in da back, first mate Carter.”

               You reply, “I wouldn’t speak so soon.”

               The captain gasps. He looks down to see your sword sticking out of his stomach.

               “I trusted ye, Carter,” Lesley sputters. “I tr… trusted… ye… Oh.”

               The captain falls to the ground, never to get back up. You bend down to pick up his hat.

               “A’right, lads,” you call. “Get yer ship back!”

               With a mighty roar, your crew quickly destroys the group of guards. You bend down to pick up the hat and telescope of the old Cap’n, and pull out your map. You look towards the back of the auditorium as you deliver the last line.

               “Twenty degrees starboard, lads, and make it snappy.”

You get a standing ovation. The applause can be heard outside of the community center. The curtain falls, and the crew heads backstage.

The End

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