Into The Night We GoMature

The black tied her and dragged her in the forest. She called out in her mind. Trying to reach to anyone. Anything. Anything that could help her escape. Ithilwen looked behind her and struggled. 

A gate. Oozing with a darkness thicker than fog, it beaconed her to join. The young elf tried to grab for her sword, but none the less the darkness swallowed her whole. 

The Dark Realm. She didn't like it. No, she didn't like it one bit. She held up a glowing palm to light her way. She called in her mind for someone to answer. A small call that could hopefully help her out of this darkness that she feared. 

Ever since she could remember, she was afraid of it. Not the magic, but the actual absense of light. That was what she didn't like. 

She walked quietly down the nothingness and called continuously as her feet carried her on a void. 

Maybe someone could find her. Until then, it was into the night we go.

The End

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