Finding SomethingMature

Ithilwen ran through the forest. It was so dense than what she was used to. 'Forgive me, Guardians... I seem to have lost my way', she thought. Ithilwen climbed a tree for better ground. 

Clear skies blessed her as she looked around. A town not to far but... how to get there was a problem. She let herself fall onto her feet, but continuing the motion, and run for the village. Her scar pulsed and felt the darkness swirl with rage. Flinching, she instinctively placed her hand on her face. 

Stumbling. That's what she remembered when getting to a road. Laughter. Maniacal laughter rang in her ears as she ran. Black mist chased her. She would've screamed but her breath escaped her. 

"Moon! Run little Moon, run!" She knew that voice... All too well. It was like drinking poison, setting a flame to your skin.

Malevolent. The true voice of discord in her ears. Ithilwen ran as fast as her legs could carry her, not minding the cuts she earned from dark trees.

Her mind screamed to anyone in the area. She hoped someone would hear. Her cry bellowed into many minds, HELP! PLEASE HELP ME!

Ithilwen prayed that someone would hear.

The End

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