When I was a sufficient distance away from the hall, I opened a dark corridor and stepped through it. On the other side I stood in the city that Engle and the other two men had been arrested in.

"Excuse me," I stopped an older man. "Have you seen this man around here?"
 I gave him Thalean's description.

"Can't say I have, elf," he said coldly. "Try up north, they take all the prisoners there. He'd belong there."

"Thanks for nothing," I muttered as he stalked away. "All the prisoners, huh?" I thought. "I should probably not hand around after looking for him there. Being around Engle might be dangerous...for the both of us."

One dark corridor later, I was in the city that the old man had told me about. It was far larger than where I'd been. Back there, there couldn't have been more than five thousand people; here, there could easily be more than twenty thousand.

"It'd be easy for an elf to disappear here...this might take a while."

I started walking, gently pushing my way through a crowded marketplace. Suddenly, I sensed two darknesses, both very familiar. One was Engle's, and was coming from where I guessed the prison was. The other...

"Damn it, Thalean!" I broke into a run, hoping that my senses were wrong for once.

Thalean was with Engle.


Panting, I stopped outside the jail to catch my breath. Thalean was still near Engle, and they were both moving. "Hey!" I yelled to the guards out front. "Do you have a man in black armor, with silver highlights in here?"

"What's it to you, elf?" the guard on the left snarled, slightly lowering his spear.

"I need to speak with him. Or an elven prince, with red hair?"

"We got 'em both," the other guy said. "The armored guy probably won't last another week. though." His grin said far more than his words did.

"Is the prince being tortured, too?"

"Nah, the king'd kill us all if we did," the first guard waved his hand dismissively. "We're just holding him for a while."

"Right..." I started forward. "I need to come in. Don't try to stop me."

"Stop right there!" they said in unison. I chuckled despite the apparent seriousness of the situation. "Stop, or we'll kill you!"

"Go ahead and try." I kept walking straight at them.

The one on the right charged at me, spear held at his waist. I smirked and sidestepped him, hitting the back of his head with my fist. He crumpled into a heap, unconscious.

The second one was smarter; he dropped his spear and drew the sword at his waist. I summoned a perfect replica of his and parried his clumsy strike. "They really need to train these guys better."

He swung again, and I ducked down below his sword and brought the hilt of mine into his gut. He collapsed down, gasping for breath, and I brought my knee up and hit him in the face. He joined the other guard on the ground.

Grunting, I picked up one of them and opened a dark corridor, tossing him through. His friend followed suit. I grinned as I thought about the look on some poor fool's face hen they discovered two beat-up guards lying unconscious in a waste-filled alley.

Sighing, I settled myself down to wait. Engle and Thalean had stopped for a time during the fight, then started moving again. They were headed straight for me. All I needed to do was be patient.

I was never very good at that.

The End

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