Mouse's mouth was not the most comfortable of places to be. 

Mouse darted through the cobbled streets, over barrels, through gates and under guards feet. All the while, each bound jostled poor Heather, her fragile daisy petals hanging on for dear life. Occasionally, after a particularly large jump, Mouse's incisors would accidentally bite the soft daisy stem. It didn't hurt much, but Heather was rather annoyed she couldn't turn into some more mobile creature than creeping ivy. 

Hiss led the way, snaking through the cracks in the cobbled road, through a grate, under a great stone wall and to the prison courtyard. It wasn't long before they reached the cold iron bars of Engle's cell, the moonlight dully reflecting off of the rounded pieces of metal. 

Hiss morphed from small snake to grey fairy in a matter of seconds and flew to the other side of the bars. Mouse quickly followed, scampering up the side of the wall. Mouse hesitated at the sill of the prison window to scout for the optimum route of decent, giving the air of the cell a brief sniff. Finally, Mouse clambered down to Engle's head and finally the floor, waking the man up in the process. 

As soon as Mouse landed on the floor, Heather was dropped to the cold ground, her daisy face landing flat on the floor. Heather wasted no time transforming into her human self. Engle looked up from his slumped sitting position and smiled as Heather put her finger to her lips.

The two guards wearing chain mail underneath blue tunics turned around, but it was too late. Heather's roots were already wrapping around their mouths, coiling around their bodies and binding them to the iron bars of the prison. They struggled to break free, but every time they fought against the wooden restraints, a root would press harder against their necks, nearly choking them. The guards could only watch as a small brown mouse raced away in search of the keys.

Heather turned to Engle. "Are you hurt?"

Engle shrugged. "They managed to find a couple of chinks in my armor, nothing too serious. You could have come just a bit earlier though."

"We didn't want to come in the daytime and we needed to find an escape route. I'm sorry about that," Heather explained as she eyed the other prisoners who were huddled against their chains. There was only one other prisoner who was awake.

The elf with auburn hair stared at the Heather with emerald eyes. Heather smiled. She knew this elf all too well. He was famous to the forest after all. Why was the troublesome elf prince here

"How do you plan on breaking me free of these chains?" Engle asked as Heather inspected the cell. "They're not your typical iron bars." 

Heather smiled. Had he really thought she was so ignorant? "You've met Hiss, haven't you?"

Engle noticed the little grey-blue snake at Heather's feet. "She was a bit more... winged when I first met her. Anyway, how will she help?"

Heather shook her head and smiled. He really didn't know anything about magic creatures did he? Hiss slithered up to Engle's wrist. Of course there was a keyhole for the shackles, but Hiss' tail fit neatly into the slot. The snake wriggled a little and glowed a faint blue. Suddenly Engle's hands were free.

"Hey," Thalaen called. "My turn. You can't just free him and leave me locked up." The elf gave a pleading look. 

Heather hadn't planned for this. "What will you do to help us then?" she asked. 

"I'll help you escape. Four is better than three, am I right?" Thalaen answered.

Suddenly the others were awake. "What's going on?" the blonde haired man asked. Heather could just barely see his curled up figure in the dark.

"Engle, what do we do?" Heather asked.

Engle stretched his arms and stood up. "We rescue all of them of course," he answered, looking directly to Saleem. "First of all, I need my stuff."

The End

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