There was an abnormal chill in the breeze. Ithilwen was confused. It was a time of new birth and beginnings. Not one of white flakes and sleep. She wandered rather confused through the frosted grass.

Wasn't a little one supposed to be here? She wasn't quite sure. Chirping. It was quiet and pleading. It was needing of help, she thought quietly. Her bare feet hurried her over to the sound. The half-elf knelt down to a sparrow, seeing a tear in it's wing. She cradled it and closed her eyes.

Light. That's what it was, pure white as the magic slowly wrapped around the injury. In a mount of minutes, the bird was as good as new. Ithilwen happily petted the creature as her deep indigo eyes hid under strands of lavender. Her pale, tiny hands held it to the silver metal sky, the tiny bird singing a thanks as it flew.

"Breathe, Ithilwen. Just try to concentrate on the blade....!" The young boy had a young girl hold a short sword in her hands. She was trembling, her ruffles of blue on her puffy dress billowing gently. Her throat was dry as she closed her eyes. Her mouth was open as if to say something, but she knew she couldn't.

Ithilwen frowned. She couldn't remember why she held her dreams so close. They didn't mean much. Yet then again, they meant something. She couldn't remember much besides that she was... running?

She still wasn't quite sure.

Ithilwen walked down the path, where it was leaves. Dead leaves. The crunched and scrapped against her feet. It smelled of water and wood. She enjoyed the smell.

As she reached a town, she heard a whisper. A kind of whisper that most tried to avoid. Like a plague of some kind.

"People arrested...? I do hope they're alright. Maybe... I shall see what kind of people they are. The High One always taught me to judge those by action, never by looks. And since I do not know what they have done, I shall go see. That should be just fine.", she thought.

After all, a little visit to such places were only natural to the half-elf. With that, she was on her way down the long, forested path.

The End

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