Three Men and a CageMature

Salleem’s eyes opened into narrow slits. The dim beams of light that shone through the small barred window danced and flickered around the silhouette of a figure leaning over him. Everything was a blur. Alongside Salleem Okohki and the strange man in dark armor who had rushed recklessly into the fray of the earlier battle, were slumped up against a wall. They sat on the floor, their backs against the smooth granite wall. Their hands, as well as Salleem’s, had been bound behind their backs by faintly glowing shackles. Conscious, Okohki and the armored man gazed lazily at the hard concrete ground before them. Slowly, everything went back into focus. A young woman with short grey hair and silver eyes smiled menacingly down at Salleem. Her body was littered with scars and other markings.


“Well, it appears all of you have woken up”. She turned from Salleem and dealt a swift kick with her boot to Okohki’s side. Okohki heeled over and began to cough. Specks of blood painted the ground. After a few moments, he sat back up again. He glared angrily back at her. Salleem knew Okohki would count the seconds until he could return the kick, ten-fold. He smiled and chuckled to himself under his breath. The guard continued, “Tomorrow, I’m going to have some fun with you three.” She played with a chain, currently dangling from her shoulder. “Sleep tight. You’re going to remember tomorrow for the rest of your lives.” And as she spoke she paced back and forth allowing herself to be able to glare into the eyes, and helmet, of each of them.


It was only an hour or so later that the light seeping through the window began to fade. The three men in the prison cell did not speak. Salleem sat himself in the far corner leaning against the cool stone, and began to whistle a tune for a moment or two before falling asleep.

The End

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