Gathering CloudsMature

Ziema the Winter Witch inspected the interior of her fortress of sticks and vines.  The warlocks had left a horrendous mess, but she could deal with it later.  Right now, deep in her frozen core, she knew something wonderful had occurred.   But what could it have been?  She must find out, before the opportunity to profit from this happening passed her by.

Her cloak billowing out behind her like a black sail, she glided up the spiraling staircase to the top of her tower.  It wasn't a particularly tall tower, but it poked out above the treetops and gave her a good view with a fair ten-mile radius.  She scanned the surrounding woodlands for any abnormalities.  Everything seemed as usual, save for in the area about the newly-formed crater.  A disturbance!  Ziema smiled in glee.  It was just as she had planned.  Heather, that nymph that had so long stood in Ziema's path to forest-domination, had left the forest.

She had not thought that it would have been so easy to get rid of her, but all it had taken was a simple linking charm, which she had placed between the nymph and the human, and a few well-chosen, cryptic words about the trees guiding the way, and now both Heather and Engle, who could have posed a potential threat to the witch's plans, were out of her hair.  Cackling malevolently, she reached out of the tower window and began to gather clouds.  Ziema would like to take over the forest under her own conditions, and what better conditions were there than a nice, unseasonable winter storm?

She grinned coldly.  This ought to be fun.

The End

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