Back in the forest. Didn't I promise not to come back here? "Oh, well," I thought. "I'm just here to help them, right?"

Shrugging, I started walking, following a trail that I couldn't see, but easily sensed. Engle's darkness was considerable; if he wasn't careful, something that wasn't as nice as I would follow it and devour him...or the darkness would overcome him.

I started to run, eager to catch up to them. They'd stopped for some time at a tree, an old ash, but were no longer there. I had to hurry if I was to catch up.

Suddenly, I sensed dark things moving in the trees. Scoffing, I summoned a sword, this one as plain as could be. There would be no holding back this time.

The first of them leaped out of a tree's branches, and I easily cut it in two. The rest tried to rush me, but I called on the darkness, creating a wall between us. "Vanish."

Spears of darkness fell from the sky, impaling the dark beings. They instantly vanished, and I continued on my way.

Finally, after an hour's running, I started to hear them: "Heather, where are we going?!" We were close to the edge of the woods; Heather probably wouldn't continue much longer.

I saw them; Heather walking purposefully, Engle actually struggling to keep up. I guessed that the tree roots weren't helping matters much.

"Hey! Wait!" I called.

Heather froze, and Engle drew his gun. "Who's there?" he barked.

"Just me. Relax." I walked closer, hands raised. "I figured you might need a hand."

"From the likes of you? I don't think so." Engle leveled the gun with my head. "Get out of here."

"Okay, you don't trust me...I can understand that." I took a step back. "But, if someone doesn't teach you about your darkness, chances are, it'll get you killed. And you don't want that, do you?" I closed my eyes and focused. "Especially if you're going to go back home to your family."

The End

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