I stepped out of the dark corridor into an empty alley. No matter how much I distanced myself from them, the protocols of the Dark Knights stuck with me: never let anyone see you use your darkness. I'd broken that so many times today...

Stepping out of the alley, I enjoyed the sunshine while it lasted; clouds were a near-constant thing around here. People scurried about, taking care of their business as fast as possible so they could get home before night fell. Strange things wandered at night, things no normal human being could stand up to.

I smiled as I thought of this. Even if I hadn't been a Dark Knight, I would never have been accepted as a human. Though I took after the human side of my heritage, my elven traits were obvious...and elves were not popular in the human world.

", elf."

"Speak of the devil, and the devil shall appear," I thought as I turned to face the belligerent young man. "What do you want?"

"I want you to get out of town!" he snapped. "Elves have no place here!"

"Ah, but I've only just arrived..." I smirked as I gave him a mock bow.

"I don't care! Get out!"

He pulled a dagger out of his shirt, thrusting for my chest. Scoffing, I easily disarmed him and pushed him away, sending him stumbling a few steps. I held up his dagger, glinting in the waning sunlight. "Nice blade. Think I'll keep it."

Walking away, I whistled a cheery tune that hid the anger that simmered in my heart. After a while, that anger began to fade, replaced by a feeling I was not accustomed to: guilt. Not for the man who had just attacked me, but the wood nymph I had left in the forest. I wasn't sure if Engle was the type to take revenge, but...

making up my mind, I entered another alley and opened another dark corridor. This conscience of mine was going to be the death of me.

The End

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