"Engle," the man with the gun said. "Engle Rochlin."

"Anyway, I'm very sorry for what we did to your forest," I continued. "I hate sucking up to people," I thought. "Especially self-righteous..." I decided not to finish that. "I'm sure Engle is, too. Aren't you, Engle?"

At least he could take a hint. "Yes, very sorry. If you would like, we'll leave the forest right now."

"Right now?" Heather questioned.

"Yes, right now," I nodded eagerly. "As soon as you let us go."

"...All right." The thorns and vines retracted back into the ground, and I swung my arms around, getting them used to freedom again.

"Now that that's taken care of..." I raised my hand and called my sword back to me, then let it fade back into darkness. No sense in carrying extra weight. "Just one more matter to address."

Faster than the wind, I moved in front of Heather and held her up by the neck with tendrils of darkness. "Do anything like that to me again, and I'll tear you apart. Are we clear, little wood nymph?"

She nodded frantically, and I let her drop, gasping for breath. Raising my hand again, I created a corridor of darkness. "After you," I told Engle, giving him a mocking bow.

"What is that?" he asked. A cautious type.

"It's called a dark corridor. It'll get us away from here. I have it set to take us to the nearest town."

"No, thanks," he said, turning away. "I'll walk."

"Suit yourself," I muttered, and stepped into the dark.

The End

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