Shut your shootsMature

The chaos was unbearable.

Heather watched in helpless dismay as her forest suddenly turned into a battle scene. Just after the man in black armor retracted from his own painful blow, another stranger came running into the scene. Heather was caught off guard, and instantly turned into her human form again, only to be caught by the hair in the armored man's firm grip. The second stranger yelped as he fell haphazardly into the massive pit. Heather and the man in armor paused in their struggle to watch as hordes of dark creatures soon followed.

The creatures were like nothing Heather had ever seen before. They were foul beings, lacking in any distinct shape or form but that of a shadow. They flooded into that little area of the forest, creating a dense darkness that sent Heather into a racking shiver. The creatures were quick to pool into the crater, only to fold in on themselves and disseminate like pollen at the touch of the new stranger's long blade. 

While the new stranger was a good fighter and swift on the defense, he was greatly outnumbered. The man in black armor took his attention away from the darkness of the crater to look at Heather. Heather looked back at him with tears in her eyes. Suddenly he did was Heather could not have expected. With one swift move, he let Heather go, pulled out some sort of handheld, metal object, and made it go boom.

Darkness was suddenly splattered everywhere. In her surprise, Heather lost her grip and began to grow apples in her hair. The rest of the shadow creatures paused in their fight to acknowledge the brutal death of one of their own. The man in metal armor pointed his weapon a second time, causing the shadowy creatures to panic. They fled, but it was too late. The armored man made his weapon crack like thunder for a second time.With another shadow creature dead, the rest of the dark beings hastily retreated. The armored man followed them slowly and fired six more shots after them. 

And hit four of her poor, innocent trees.

Heather could no longer contain her rage.

She could not remember all that had happened next, since she had turned briefly into blackthorn shrub, but she could remember the cries of pain. In her rage, Heather screamed and dug her roots deep into the ground. Not long later came the surprised cries of two men, as they were suddenly ensnared in massive, dirty roots. Heather wanted to crush them. However, a voice broke over her vengeful concentration. 

"I don't give a damn about your honor!" the man in black armor shouted. "I just broke about every law and regulation there is! Now, because of you, I'm set behind schedule!"

"Alright, I'm sorry, okay? You didn't have to throw me out of the pit though. That hurt," the other man said. "And the whole disarming and interrogating was a bit uncalled for."

"Damn it," the black armored man muttered through the tangle of Heather's roots. "I did not ask to get thrown into this mess." 

"Neither did I, brother," the other stranger said.

"Would you both shut your shoots?!" Heather shouted after finding their unresponsiveness to captivity extremely irritating. "You both may not have asked for any of this to happen, but you are the ones destroying my forest with your despisable objects of destruction. Four oak injured, thirty two daffodil dead and seven hundred and fifty eight grass gone. Your murder will not go unpunished."

"Do you always grow fruit in your hair?" the second stranger with camouflage armor asked in genuine interest. "It looks lovely."

Heather was caught off guard. She blushed. "Thank you..." 

The black armored man seemed to catch on quickly. "Yes, and quite nice roots you have too. They really match well with your hair."

Heather didn't know what to say. She was too flattered.

"What is your name, good wood nymph?" the camouflage armored man asked. 

Heather paused. "Heather... Heather Namp."

"It is a pleasure to meet you, Heather. My name is Lance," the second stranger introduced himself as. He then turned his head to look at the black armored man. "And this is..."

"Engle," the man with the loud weapon answered with a polite nod. "Engle Rochlin."


The End

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