The Winter WitchMature

In the deepest, darkest, most overgrown and treacherous part of the forest, Ziema the Witch peered out from her fortress of vines.  The woods were on edge today.  First, a human-like creature, perhaps an elf, had crashed through her garden, followed by a horde of shadow-beings, and now there had come an almighty crash from the north that had disturbed the bats.  She would have to investigate.  She added the final touches to her potion, saddled her goat, and set off.

The goat started off at a brisk trot, shaking its hairy black head eagerly.  They followed in the trail of the elf-thing, which seemed to lead directly to the source of the sound.  How convenient.

"Run like the wind, Capriaron.  I must find who or what it is that dare trespass in my forest!"

"Maaah," the goat bleated in reply and sprang forward.

They dashed along at an unnatural speed until they came into a lighter portion of the wood.   Upon finding that they were directly behind the horde of shadow-beings, Ziema brought her goat to a halt before proceeding on at a more cautious pace.  There was no need to interfere with the creatures' pursuit.

Somewhere ahead of them, something bellowed in pain.  Intrigued, Ziema turned Capriaron off of the path and took a shortcut.

They stopped at the edge of a small crater amidst a meadow of trampled flowers.  On the other side, there was a wood nymph in human form struggling with a man in armor, facing away from her.  As she watched, a figure burst with a shout from the bushes, followed shortly thereafter by the mass of shadow-beings.  The figure stopped and readied himself, but he was quickly surrounded.  Ziema chuckled to herself.  He did not stand a chance.

But then, something unexpected occurred.  The armored man let go of the wood nymph and drew a peculiar object, which he pointed toward the shadowy pursuers.  It seemed to be a sort of weapon, for from it there came a sharp, explosive sound and the nearest shadow-being collapsed in upon itself and vanished.  Jabbering in fear, the rest of them turned to look at him, and then fled in fear.

The End

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