Panting, I ran through a forest, glancing back to see if they still followed. Though I could not see them, I sensed them: inhuman things, sent with only one purpose: kill the traitor.

I turned my eyes back to the path before me; if I tripped, slowed down for even a moment, it was over.

A howl of pain met my ears, and I automatically began to run toward it. Maybe they could help me with my pursuit.

Shouts of anger followed the howl, accompanied by yelps of fear. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea, but I knew I needed help. If I tried to fight these things alone, they'd tear me apart.

I suddenly found myself falling into a pit; crying out, I landed hard,ten feet lower than I was before. My pursuers started hissing,  sensing that their prey was helpless. With new resolve, I focused on the darkness within me, summoning my weapon: three feet of steel, infused with the most powerful magics I could muster, with a large hook at the tip. If I had to fight alone, so be it. I'd take as many of these abominations with me as I could.

Glancing up, I saw a strange pair: a man, clad entirely in black armor with silver highlights, was holding a naked girl by her hair. Tears of pain poured from her eyes; I instantly recognized her as a wood nymph. No help would be coming from her, but maybe this man...

"Hey!" I called out to him, and he glanced at me. "Give me a hand with these things!"

Shadows burst out of the trees, flying straight for me. I readied my blade and waited for them to come within reach.

The End

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