Apples of Late September

This is the introduction of the novel I'm currently writing. Remember that English is not my first language , so please don't put me down too much, are we cool?

I first met James Carter on a train to Oslo six years ago. Today, my chest still gives me the same, beautiful feeling at the thought of the person who flipped my existence like a crazy somersault and showed me the real meaning of being alive. The long-gone moment of his delicate skin brushing against mine would come alive in my mind everytime I close my eyes and try to feel his arms wrap around me;drowning me in the heavenly feeling of impulsive love. But the vision wouldn't let me enjoy the moment as much as I want to.Tears would insist to escape my eyes…


The tormenting thought would swell up next, wrapping my heart in coldness then pricking it to utter loneliness with burning needles. It happens every single time I imagine him. The days were old but the memory remains evidently crisp; so clear, so cruel. There are a lot of times I'd wish to die, but then there's John who would hold me tight and calm the storm inside of me.


Life turned out to be a lot better with John in my life. He would often see me sitting in the garden alone and come to wrap his arms around me. He whispers the sweetest words every woman in the world would trade their soul to hear.John is my life and we've had wonderful moments together ,but he's not enought to fill the gaping hole in my heart James had created when he left.

 I don’t know how the rest of my life will be, but I’m certain I’ll be remembering James’ face until the moment I gasp my last breath of air, and be with him once again…

The End

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