Apple Juice will not take over the World.

No, not apple juice. It will NOT take over the world. Maybe in a few billions of years, but not now. For now, something else brings havoc to the World of Juice. Something bitter, something mean, something like,
Grape juice.

Chapter 1

 The world stank of many juices. Apple, orange, melon, strawberry, you name it, they have it. But the worst of all....Grape Juice. Sir Grape was mean and nasty, he spat on other children fruit juices and called them mean things like " vegetables". Sir Grape practically owned World of Juice. He called the rules, what eats what. Who is who, where is where. He mostly despised Apple Juice. Nobody really knew why.

 "Lord Grape, we have brought you all of little Timmy's toys and life savings." Orange mother said carrying a large basket of Juice Cash and little toys. Grape took the basket and dumped the coins in another basket them threw the toys in his mouth chewing them all up. Plastic bits fell from the rim of his mouth and his robe was slathered with drool. His toenails we're as long a a ruler and his nose was big. It had millions of hairs and snot hanging in his nose. Untrimmed and smelly.

The End

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