Chapter 2

Apple woke up feeling a sticky warmth around her body and in her mind. She was in a large room with French windows open wide with the street lights providing most of the lighting in the room. On the wall was a large print of Hieronymus Bosch’s

 The Garden of Earthly Delights. The nude figures were frolicking in one scene followed by redemption in the next which drew her attention to her own body. All her clothes have been removed apart from her red party shoes. How pretty and shiny they looked. 


Where the knife had penetrated the wounds had been carefully sutured and a drip had been inserted in her left arm through which she was receiving blood whilst there was a bag with clear fluid attached to her right arm. Her lips had been sewn closed under local anesthetic as she could not feel her lips. Apple’s head was itching as it had been shaved. Her ankles were shackled together and her hands were tied to behind her back. She looked broken but for her pretty red shoes.


The door opened and Mr Y came in smiling and looking happy that she had awoken. He had with him bucket of warm water and soap and started to clean her body whilst talking in his irresistible way. How beautiful he was she thought. How fantastically out of this world he was. She loved his soft touch as he was wiping away the dry blood around her mouth and from her body. He tapped the drips to ensure that they were working, whispering that he did not want to loose her. She was his Apple and now that he has found her he will never let her go. Mr Y took out a syringe and injected Apple with tranquillizer whilst she looked lovingly up at him. Yes, she was his.


Apple woke up to Mr Y weeping loud and hugging her body. She could not understand what all the commotion was about and looked pleadingly at him. He wiped his face and nose when he realized she was looking at him and picked up a pair of scissors. He carefully undid one of the sutures across her stomach and dipped few fingers inside the whole as he watched the pain cross her face. He put his fingers in his mouth tasting his Apple.


Apple realized he needed her as much as she needed him. As long as she was with him she did not have to worry about arriving fashionably late for social engagements or rely on alcohol to act witty and worldly. She was his world and the physical pain slowly disappeared. She adored him.


Mr Y’s phone rang and as he answered and exchanged pleasantries she felt a hot surge of jealousy raging through her body. Her cheeks were flustered as she stared at him with dark green eyes. How dare he enjoy someone else’s company like this? She gave him all and was willing to give more to see the joy on his face. Apple started to role around the bed and moaned to get his attention. Her eyes were begging him to open her up again. She wanted him to smell and taste her insides.  He chuckled and left the room leaving her tortured soul behind.

The End

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