Apple Crumble Pie

It all started on a sunny spring late afternoon in one of the greatest cities in the world. She was promised a quiet evening with a bunch of old boys and with this in mind did not expect much but tried to dress appropriately. Overly excited Apple arrived early at the bar but walked straight out as her friends were not there and she did not quite feel confident enough to walk through the punters to a vacant table towards the back.


She went outside and sat on a small wall close to the entrance whilst drawing imaginary lines on the pavement with her red party shoes. She sighed about her naïve excitement as her stomach was turning in anticipation and wondered whether she would be able to engage the attention of her friends and friends-of-friends without having to resort heavily on Dutch courage? Apple felt desperate as she was there unfashionably early and avoided the curious eye contact of fellow bar goers and the likes.


Her friends eventually arrived and she smiled bravely whilst mumbling that she had arrived minutes earlier. The jolly couple linked arms with her and marched into the bar with the city savvy confidence. They immediately shouted orders for exotic and perversely named drinks at the bartender and she joined with great relief.


Apple longed for intoxication which will make her morph into confident and sassy city girl. They were joined by more acquaintances of her friends and the evening became more bearable as strangers were musing over her lovely red party shoes. Everybody was flirting with her and she felt like the most beautiful girl in the room. Her head started to spin and she reminded herself to slow down with the drinks. Best not to spoil those pretty red shoes and loose the adoration she thought she saw in their bloodshot eyes.


Thankfully the group decided to depart for the restaurant as food will definitely help to soak up some of that alcohol. At the restaurant she was seated by a Marilyn Monroe lookalike hostess who smirked at her red party shoes and her confidence took another dive. Luckily her friends were sitting either side of her which was comforting. The seat opposite was left open for the last person to join the group that evening.  He (lets call him Mr Y) eventually arrived and at first made really no impression on her as the restaurant was quite noisy and the group was excitedly shouting across the table their choices from the menu. At the same time the wine was starting to flow again. Then it happened. She started to hear bits of Mr Y conversation with his fellow diners trickle through surrounding noise. His slow and confident voice was soothing and full of charm from times gone past. He at first paid her no attention, or perhaps he had?


The evening shifted gears as he smiled whilst focussing all his attention on her and confidently enquires about her interests and so on. Apple was confused and tried not to slur whilst politely answering his questions. It felt like the world was standing still staring at her whilst she shyly answered and dared to match his steady gaze. Mr X was all of the sudden the most beautiful and confident man she had ever seen or met in her whole life. He was quite older, she thought blushing. This beautiful man wanted to know more and more about her. This beautiful man was interested her opinion. Oh glorious day! The meal slowly came to an end and she slowly finishing her coffee in an attempt to draw out an evening she initially dreaded to start with. Mr Y’s offered her the last piece of his sweet and crunchy desert: apple crumble pie. Apple was in love and Mr Y knew this.


After the dinner they went on wild bar crawl and when all of her friends had gone home Mr Y offered her coffee and his place to sober up. Apple was quite shaky at this point and very annoyed with her friends who abandoned her. She did not think twice before accepting. It can’t be that bad as he was after all a friend of her friends and therefore not a complete stranger.


Mr Y warmly told her to make herself comfortable and as the sharp cold knife sunk repeatedly into her chest she heard him whisper, “You took a big risk coming here and all because of that last piece of Apple crumble pie. I think I will have myself some Apple now”.

The End

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