She rolled over to look at the fluorescent yellow numbers flickering on the bedside alarm clock. 02:30. Every night the same thing. Why not 02:45 for a change? she scolded her brain. She had hoped escaping the hustle of the city would put an end to this odd sleeping pattern of hers. Then again, it has only been three days. It will probably take a while for a new routine to set in.

 She pulled on her pink bunny slippers, pulled her varsity sweatshirt over her curly mess of a head, and pushed her oversized glasses to her face. As she headed downstairs, she could hear the coffee machine’s automatic timer clicking on. Yes, she was well trained in this nightly routine.

She grabbed her favourite mug and put it next to the coffee machine. Tucking her laptop under her arm, she headed for the couch to start her usual routine of logging into her usual sites while she waited for the coffee to brew.

 >Hey freak! the IM popped up on the chat screen.

 <Hey slut! she typed back smiling to herself. She loved Rachel. And having a friend who works night shifts definitely came in handy with her peculiar sleeping habits.

 >So how’s the new place. The photos you send looks like you are living in Transylvania or something.

 <Oh, it’s not that bad. Yes, it is in the middle of freakin nowhere, but the spiders and cockroaches are friendly and there are no neighbours to deal with.

 >Ewww! I still can’t believe you accepted a writing job in that little ghost town of a village.

 <Hey, the money is good and we both know how difficult it is to get a writing gig in the city. Plus, it is just to get some experience, then I can head back to civilisation.

 In the kitchen the coffee machine beeped.

 <BRB. Just grabbing some coffee.

 The old wood floors creaked as she dragged her slippers over the floorboards to the kitchen. “Pick up your feet when you walk, Keira. You’ll never find a man walking around like that” her mom used to scold.

 Maybe her mom was right… here she was all alone in this huge cabin in the middle of the woods. Not that she would ever admit it out loud, especially to her mother, but having someone here with her in the cold, dark house would not be the worst thing in the world.

 She reached for the coffee pot and was about to pour the coffee into her mug when she froze. A cold shiver went down her back as she stared at the counter. Next to the coffee machine were two mugs waiting for coffee.

The End

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