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'I'm dead' he thought to himself. 'Dead, dead, oh so dead.' He didn't want to open his eyes, but he felt a fire. Somehow the boy knew that he was somewhere unfamiliar. So he closed his eyes tighter and moved the wool blanket over himself despite already burning up inside. He might as well be on fire. 'Wait a second.' anger and fear welled up inside him. 'no it couldn’t be….' but to his dismay, it was there, fully attached to him as it had the day he was born. His eyes shot open as fear welled inside him.

His arm was attached to him again. And only one man- or thing- could have done it, and he was as good as dead, his immortal body rotting, halfway stuck inside a mountain for all of eternity. Just as his mind ran the possibilities, the infamous, cold blooded voice spoke up. "Finally. Man, I thought you would never wake up."


Well, eternity went by fast. Almost immediately he began shouting at me. "Yep," I said, "I'm back, screwing everything up again." Of course, his first idea was to try to kill me. Not exactly the reason I left the knife right beside the bed.


Don't judge me.


"I want answers! Where did you come from? How did I get my arm back? WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BOTHER ME SO MUCH?" He screamed, rather loudly. He was pointing the knife at me, nearly a foot away.


"SHHH!!! Do you want them to hear us? Gah, if I had known you would be so loud, I wouldn’t have brought  you here!"


"Answer my ques-"


I took the knife from him and held my hand to his mouth before he could finish.


"Like I said, SHHHH!" I whispered. "We're in a battle encampment on a high mountain. Barbarians got something that they stole from me after SOMEONE threw my body into a mountain."


He forced my hand away, anger pouring from his eyes. "How are you here IN THE FIRST PLACE? YOUR SUPPOSED TO BE IN THAT MOUNTAIN!" He whispered. "And WHAT camp are we in exactly?"


"Mountain Top. And If you want to kill someone, make sure your attacking the right part of him." I said quickly, throwing him back the knife and looking at some strange weapon from the wall.


His mouth dropped. "WHAT??? You are kidding me? They will skin us alive!"


Perfect reason why I left our bodies behind! Now get some sort of armor on, we're leaving." He suddenly took notice that I wasn’t wearing robes. Instead, I was decked out in leather padding. Attached to my belt was a long, slender sword slightly curved
halfway through. It looked no match to the heavy, thick scimitars that the barbarians used. I unsheathed the weapon and revealed an arm guard on my right hand. Then I threw back a small hatch in the rear of the tent we resided in.  "Now hurry out, no time for questions. They are coming soon."


He tried to respond, but I was already out of the hatch. Suddenly it didn't seem like a good idea to stay inside of the tent as the sound of yelling and grumbling came towards the door.

The End

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