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To start this catastrophe of a book, Lisa is pregnant. I am thoroughly confused, debating whether it's a good thing or a disappointment. It's apparently due in December. Now, the main character, or I assume so, since they are the one speaking in first person, is speaking on the phone with their dad, who is also having a baby. The protagonist didn't seem as if she was too awfully thrilled about it, maybe because she isn't too fond of her young stepmom, Lisa? The narrator seems as if she tries to find reasons to despise Lisa, but in the end, she realized that she is no harm and wants the best, always with a positive mindset.

The main character, Miranda, has two friends who don't have the best bond and don't mind showing so. There names are Megan and Sammi. Megan has the personality of a so called "party animal". She, according to the book, "always has a guy in her". She believes God wants everyone to be happy and since partying with guys makes her happy, she presumes with going out and getting wasted with a majority of guys. Sammi, who is the more religious one, believes Megan is going to hell with the way she acts and it's a sin to act like her sister. Sammi's life revolves around God and she basically lives for God.

 On May 16, 2006, an asteroid collided with Earth’s moon, causing the moon to be slightly tilted and seemed nigh. Miranda, the main character, after seeing the asteroid, went inside with her family to watch the news, listening for every detail and any negative reports, as Miranda's mom was hoping family members out of town were safe, such as their grandmother who lived in Las Vegas.


The news started glitching, causing it to be difficult to understand. Then, the power shut completely off, therefore meaning they couldn’t watch news and they couldn’t contact anyone over a phone. Do to their night of no electric power, they decided to just eat chocolate chip cookies. Finally, Johnny , Miranda’s brother, brought out a radio to attempt trying to receive any sort of connection. They couldn’t connect to any New York networks, but they were able to tune into a Philly station. Then, the TV RECEIVED enough connection to understand it and see it, so they turned the radio off. The news reporter seemed quite nervous and he prepared to present the information he knew. He mentioned how the tides are affected by the moon, and since the moon had changed, due to the asteroid, it was forming many natural disasters all around the world.


The next morning was like any other morning. School was still continued and everybody proceeded with their morning routines. The odd part of their morning was that Miranda NOTICED the moon in the morning sky as she waited on the bus to arrive. When the bus arrived, and she got on, all anybody talked about was the asteroid. Though Sammi and Megan didn’t have much to say. Once school started, Miranda started noticing how few people came to school.


During history class, a huge bolt of lightning strikes nearby the school building. Soon, the lightning gets closer and causes a tree to catch on fire. A majority of student started screaming their heads in dismay, as most children do. Ms. Hammish initiates to calm everybody down and tell them that they were going to be okay. Next, the electricity shuts off. Shortly after the holocaust, Miranda’s mom picks her up. At the car, As they make their way to the car, Johnny tells their mom that Mrs. Nesbitt called, a family friend, is waiting on them. Miranda, sort of confused, asks about the situation. Her mom gives her an envelope stuffed with money and tells her that they will be going to the supermarket and grabbing as many things as possible.


When they entered at the market, they split up and focused mainly on any canned foods, dry food, water, health supplies, and other needed items, alongside with cat items.


On May 20, 2006, school was no longer open. Horton, their cat, seemed to be acting STRANGE. As if her were nocturnal. He would run around uncontrollably during the night.


Miranda decided to get on Brandon’s fan site. The the president declared a day for a day of mourning. He says how there is a large amount of people who have passed away during this time. He also told everyone to start prepping for the what is to come. Once all of the speeches from governors and the president were over, Johnny asked if they could go get some food from McDonald’s. Little did they know, all fast food restaurants were closed. But as they looked around, they spotted a locally owned pizza place, and waited in a protracted line for the pizza.


Miranda really wanted Matt to come home. In her mind, everything would be fine once he came back. While they drove around, they scoped out the area, trying to find any places still open for business. They found one store and purchased some items.


Sadly, they found out that school started again on May 25. That was the exact same day that Matt would return. At school, it was announced that prom would be canceled this year, along with all afterschool activities being canceled.


Many kids were angry and started breaking items and windows.


Miranda was worried, since her mother stopped caring about her grades. Before the tragedy, she was very strict about grades. But Miranda understands that she is more focused on surviving at the moment. Miranda decided it would be a nice gesture to donate blankets to people in New York, but her mother disagreed and told her no. Her mom told her that right now, they should only care for themselves.


Miranda found out that there is no more heating oil, so from now on ,they must stick with outdated options.

The End

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