Apocalypse Now.

My Tales Of Terror 2009 Entry. Dum dum dum!

Friday October 29th 2009

That was the day they came.

Hundreds of thousands of sweating, stinking, low-life beings crawled through a darkness that had appeared out of nowhere.

My brother and I watched  in silence on the news, as city after city fell to the hoardes. We stared, as a camera crew filming some of the events were set upon by the monsters, and I cried into Damien's shoulder as their flesh was ripped clean from their bones, their screams bouncing around the inside of my head.

Within a couple of hours, some of the braver of humankind had formed a resistance. Men and women banded together to try to fight the beings, but it quickly became clear that any kind of resistance was futile.

We were too weak, and they were too strong. There was no hope.

Some of the news stations posted updates on the movements of the monsters, and I prayed to God for answers.

None came.

Many people said that this was the apocalypse, and that Jesus would rise and save the world. Others said that we were being punished for our sins. Damien was a big believer in the paranormal, and stated that these things were aliens from another planet, testing us.  He couldn't admit that we were all being slaughtered for these beasts' horrifying fun.

The news people called them demons. I almost laughed at their lack of imaginations. Damien told me that as soon as the demons got closer, he would go and fight with the rest of the city. I begged him, but he was set on the matter.

When the demons came, we would fight. To the death.

For those last few hours, we talked about the past. We spoke about our mother, and our father. I was so glad that they weren't here to witness the downfall of mankind. I thought back to the day of the crash, their twisted bodies contorted in a way I never imagined to be possible. Fresh waves of tears took me, and Damien just let me cry.

The sky began to darken, a stunning midnight blue. Stars lit the space behind the sun, sparkling sleepily.

Screams began to pierce the sullen silence, creeping closer and closer, until the demons could be seen at the end of the road.

It was the most gruesome sight I had ever seen. They fought between themselves for every possible morsel of human flesh, sometimes killing one another. A demon looking silimar to a dog opened its mouth to let rip a bark on a scale that could make your ears bleed. The eyeballs of the woman they were chasing exploded, spraying juices and blood in all directions.

Her body continued to run for a couple of seconds before the nerves died and she collapsed to the ground face first. Damien cupped his hand to my mouth before I could scream.

The wind changed, and their stench hit me with such a force he struggled to get his hand away before I vomited onto it.

The dog demon raised its misshapen head, and sniffed the evening air, just as another dozen walked, hopped, slithered and crawled around the corner.

It squealed in twisted glee as it saw it's companions arrive, and raised a mangled paw toward us. I found myself being shoved to the ground as Damien stepped in front of me with a spade.

"Run." he growled. "Don't you dare look back."

"I can't do it." I whispered.

"Emily, please!." he rounded on me. "Just GO!"

I clambered to my feet and ran as fast as I could at those words. But it wasn't fast enough. I heard him roar at the beasts, and there was an awful squelch as the spade hit demon flesh, followed by an angry yelp from one of the monstrosities.

There almost seemed to be silence, if only for a moment. My legs buckled at the exact same instant Damien screamed in agony. I couldn't bring myself to turn around, to see his mangled remains, if there were going to be any.

He was cut off mid-scream, and there was a thump, as his lifeless body fell to the ground. I felt my heart stop, and my vision swam before me as the tears, inevitably, fell to the ground as well.

They finished feasting on him, and called to one another victoriously baying for their next victim.  For the second time, I climbed to my feet and ran for my life, in some vain hope I could outrun them.

I lasted maybe twenty seconds before the pouding feet could be heard behind me, gaining the distance with every stride. Laboured breathing panted scarily close to my neck. The stench was almost unbearable. A snap of teeth grazed my ear, missing me by millimetres.

I whimpered quietly, and the demon howled in determination, quickening it's pace. There really was no outrunning it, and as if to prove my point, claws wrapped themselves around my waist, and threw me into the air like a rag doll.

The concrete pavement flew up to meet me, and I collided with it with a sickening crunch. Spots danced in front of my vision, and breath deserted my lungs, leaving me gasping for air.

The beast loomed into view above my body, drooling over my arms as it sniffed and snorted at me. Its companions decided to rejoin it too, and without me seeing, my pursuer grabbed my hand, and sank its fangs into the viens in my wrist.

I gagged and tried to scream as my own blood was spurted all over the demon, as well as myself. Taking this as some sort of signal, another three grabbed a limb each and set to work.

As my vision blurred, and thankfully faded into darkness, a fifth demon dug its claws into the soft part of my stomach, and ripped it open.

The last thing I saw was my intestines trailing down the street. 

The last thing I heard, was my screams quietening to moans.

The last thing I thought, was that finally I would be with my family, together again.

A wave of peace washed me from the shores of life, and into the light.

The End

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