-Chapter One-

I stood there. Alone. I could feel the cold sweat going down my back. The dried tears on my warm cheeks. I placed my hands on my lower stomach embracing child within. I had stared out the window watching the people run. Running from this couldn't save them.

Nurse Lola walked into work today, at 2:10PM. Saturday. March second. It was so far a quiet week at the Moncton Hospital. For the usually it was quite busy during March Break. She checked her appointment clipboard noticing emptiness then, she had looked up at the main entrance of the hospital and there appeared a man. His left cheek gone, almost looks torn off by something, or someone. His clothes were torn, and covered in blood. He began to sprint towards me.

"Sir, please. Stay back,"  Nurse Lola shouted. The man with no hesitation had kept moving forward.

And that's how this whole hell started. Just like that. I saw Eli scurrying around the house in panic. Eli was always a nervous wreak, always.

"Kate, we need to get out of here, not much longer until all Moncton is infected with this virus," Eli grasped my arm then slowly tightend his grip. "We need to leave, now!' He shouted aloud. Fear had filled every vain in my body. I wasn't ever really scared of anything, I was never the kid afraid of spiders, or monsters under my bed. I was scared of one thing, death.

The End

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