Anzac Day

I woke up, and my back was acking, our beds wenrt comfy at all, it was just a thin mattress and a just a blanket to keep us warm .. but it didnt. it was time for training, you can hear everyone getting up, and getting ready putting our protective cloths on, attaching our guns, and going outside. Every minute you can hear a bomb sound, you dont know wher its hit, or where it is going to hit.  in war it was just rush rush rush, Running, yelling, Jumping Screaming. as i was runnying throgh the trenches with my hands gripped to my gun, i only had one thing on my mind, i was doing this for my country. running as fast as i can i tripped, face first into the mud, i dont know who tripped me over, but it was evertone to themselfs at traing, i got up, and started to run as fast as i can to catch up to the other,i was hearing lots of bomb sounds going of, and i knew today was the day, the day that we are going to war, and fighting, for everyone who lives in the country. i was going to go as far as i can. My legs were killing me every step i took was like i was damageing my bones. it was time for breakfast, same thing everyday, tea and bred, again i didnt mind because i wanted this, i wanted to do this all my life, and now he i am, this was my goal and i finally reached it.

The End

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