Anything Is...

Anything Is... is about a young girl that gets bullied and she cant fonfind in anyone but her teddy. But as she grows up sh starts to trust other things and eventually she finds the love of her life. He teaches her leave the past behind her and have a good future.
(based on a true story)

Why do children laugh, run and play? Why do they talk about other people behind there backs? They don't think about anybody elses feelings. They dont think about what anybody else feels except about themselves.

My name is *Parisah-Anne an this is the story of my life. My life is very different from your ordinary nineteen year olds life. I have been bullied and I used to have very bad trust issues, but thanks to my lovely fiance, *Mark, I have managed to learn to trust and to put my past behind me. It has been a rollercoaster and I put it all behind me until now. Now I want everyone to know how I felt all the lonely years that I had been bullied.

I do hope that you read this and think about everything I had to go through. I don't want your sympathy, all I want is for you to understand how the bullied feel.

And this is my story...

The End

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