Do you ever find yourself dreaming up these epic stories? You know the ones, the best ones, the ones you can see in your head and fall in love with? Then, you try to put them on paper and it flops, big time. Well, I've done some soul-searching and I find: The problem is not the imagination, its the paper. So, I'm going to dive into my imagination and let whatever flows, flow. No editing, no remastering, no grand plot. Just one page at a time.
Now, take a deep breath and dive!

Balancing the fat silver coin on the nail of my right thumb always was the hard part. I stared it down, hard and unfaltering My Gaze of Steel. Tongue sticking out slightly my concentration could not be understated.



Moving away my left hand, and slowly tightening the pressure on my thumb with my pointer finger, I prepared to reap the reward of my hard worked 26 seconds.

More Pressure






My head snapped up as I followed the coins rapid accent into the sky. Over and over and over and over and over again, Glinting in the sunlight. This was by far the highest I've ever flipped a coin and boy, I felt strangely proud. 

Finally, it reached it's zenith, and for a second seemed suspended as gravity finally wrapped it's greedy all encompassing fingers around my beautiful coin. 

And then, it began to fall. All of it's previous grace had evaporated and it tumbled head over tail, plummeting to the harsh ground that surely would dent, scratch, or otherwise deface it's gorgeous, newly-minted shine.

I imagined the coin screaming as it fell, like in the action movies how people scream when they fall from sky-scrapers or helicopters. I imagined it praying for anything to spare it, but deep down in it's tinny core it knowing nothing would come.

But not today! Que- Heroic Music!

Quick as a flash, my hand darted out from its position by my side, where it'd fallen in amazement at the height of the flip, catching the coin with a precision and grace, saving the damsel-in-distress coin from certain doom.

The coin was warm in my closed palm, and I took a second to appreciate that. Then, with well-practiced ease I slapped the palm of my coin hand, onto the back of my other.

I loved this bit.

Slowly, I removed my hand imagination going wild, heads or tails?


No! Tails!

No, Heads!

No! Tai-

The Queens emotionless portfolio faced upwards into the sun.

It was a heads!

"You win again... bastard." I mumbled to the non-existent figure sitting to my immediate right.

Now, to balance the coin on the nail was a delicate thing- 

Suddenly, pandemonium took it's grips. A loud ringing encompassed everything and drowned out all sound. All about me, people stood in shock, staring at the sky and exclaiming in fear.

School was to start for another day.

Brilliant. Just... brilliant.

The End

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