"There is something you should know..."Mature

Maurine's stomach did a little dance as she anxiously waited for Paul to give them the big news. As she put the kettle on, Paul and Anne settled down at the table. As Anne looked in awe at her father, Maurine's hand trembled while she poured the tea in the mugs so lovingly given to her by her mother. As she settled in at the table, Paul smiled up at her. She remembered that smile, the smile that seemed to make her knees weak and also broke her heart.

 "Ok, ladies, I have a big announcement to make, I'm moving back to town", he stated. Anne whooped with joy as she danced around the table. "Ok, Anne, calm down", said Maurine. Anne pouted a bit but settled in to her chair. "So why the big move back, Paul?", asked Maurine

The End

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