“You might be jumping the gun JUST a bit there sport,” grinned PaulMature

"Wellll--," Paul drew out the word, then opened and shut his mouth like a fish as the two of them glared at him. "Uh, you might be jumping the gun just a bit there, sport," grinned Paul. After a pause, the grin started to twitch, and then disappeared as he realized it wasn't working. "Like you said, a day at a time, right?"

"Paul, you promised not to show up unannounced, the last time."  Maurine was quick to block his view of her daughter, willing him to meet her gaze while she collected her composure. "Anne, please bring in the mail for me." 

She allowed her ex-husband's to visit once a month, but never without prior notice and approval. "If you can't respect my wishes, don't act surprised when you drop by and get this kind of reaction from us."

The End

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